Appiah Saravanan (A.S.) Chetty was born in Pietermaritzburg on 3 April 1929, and died in the city on 2 September 2000. He married Sarasvathie Padayachee from Newcastle on 27 January 1957. They had three children, a son and two daughters.

A.S. Chetty became politically active when still at high school, and lived his life as a political activist in the struggle against apartheid. He was a trade unionist, and was dismissed many times for organising workers into trade unions. He was involved in the Natal Indian Congress (NIC) at first, and then later in the United Democratic Front (UDF) and the African National Congress (ANC). He was arrested under the State of Emergency in 1960, imprisoned for 98 days, and then was banned for five years. In 1983 he was again imprisoned, and subsequently placed under House Arrest from 1983-1988.
He had various jobs before working for the Child Welfare Society. He worked against the 'Platoon School' system, and was involved with the Combined Ratepayers Association.  In 1996 he was elected onto the Pietermaritzburg Msundusi TLC, and became Deputy Mayor in 1998.

  • PC 161/1       Manuscript
  • PC 161/1/1/1 "The People's Man: A.S. Chetty: My Memoirs as the Wife of a Veteran Stalwart" written by Saras Chetty. Typescriptand photocopy of original manuscript.
  • PC 161/2    Life of A.S. Chetty
  • PC 161/2/1/1 A.S. Chetty -  CV, personal background, etc.
  • PC 161/2/1/2 A.S. Chetty -  prison diaryLetters written by Saras and A.S. Chetty when he was in political detention in Modderbee Prison
  • PC 161/2/1/3 A.S. Chetty - Banning orders;Legal correspondence; Supreme Court case
  • PC 161/2/1/4 A.S. Chetty - Funeral programme;16 Day Memorial Service; Letters of sympathy
  • PC 161/2/1/5 A.S. & Saras Chetty - Newspapers cuttings 1973-2000

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