Aurora Cricket Club

PC 124   Aurora Cricket Club and Non-racial Sport in Pietermaritzburg:

The Aurora Cricket Club was formed in 1973 as a multiracial cricket club in Pietermaritzburg, to challenge the idea that mixed sport was illegal, and to test the attitude of white dominated sporting bodies.

  • PC 124/1/1/1 Background to Aurora Cricket Club
  • PC 124/1/1/2 Annual General Meetings, Annual Dinners, club averages
  • PC 124/1/1/3 Minutes, Membership, Scorebook and Correspondence
  • PC 124/1/1/4 Press cuttings
  • PC 124/1/1/5 Scrapbooks compiled by Mike Hickson
  • PC 124/2 Maritzburg District Cricket Union (MDCU);  Pietermaritzburg Regional Council on Sport (PRECOS)and Anti-Mercenary Tour Campaign
  • PC 124/2 Maritzburg District Cricket Union (MDCU)
  • PC 124/2/1/1  MDCU Annual Reports 1977-1988
  • PC 124/2/1/2 MDCU Documents
  • PC 124/3 Pietermaritzburg Regional Council on Sport (PRECOS) 1985-87
  • PC 124/4 Anti-Mercenary Tour Campaign Material 
  • PC 124/5 Natal Cricket Board (NCB), South African Cricket Board (SACB) and  South African Council on Sport (SACOS)
  • PC 124/5/1/1 Natal Cricket Board (NCB) Annual Reports 1977-92
  • PC 124/6 South African Cricket Board (SACB)
  • PC 124/7 South African Council on Sport (SACOS) & National Sports Congress Sports Conference 1989
  • PC 124/8 Publications on Non-Racial Sport 
  • PC 124/9 Natal Cricket Association (NCA),  Natal Cricket Union (NCU) and United Cricket Board of South Africa (UCBSA)
  • PC 124/10  City of Pietermaritzburg  
  • PC 124/11  Northern Natal Cricket Board (NNCB)
  • PC 124/12  Cricket tour brochures and press cuttings on SA sport

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