Natal Midlands Black Sash


The Black Sash was founded in May 1955 under the name of the Women's Defence of the Constitution League.  It soon became known as the Black Sash, and developed into a general women's rights organization.  Its system of Advice Offices assisted the victims of apartheid.  The Natal Midlands Branch, based in Pietermaritzburg, had an executive committee and special interest sub-committees.  It still runs an Advice Office.
These papers were donated to the Alan Paton Centre by Mary Kleinenberg when she was Chairperson of the Natal Midlands Black Sash, and other Black Sash members.  They include minutes and circulars from the Black Sash National Executive in Cape Town, as well as minutes of the Executive and Working Committees of the Natal Midlands Black Sash in Pietermaritzburg; the Midlands Crisis Committee and the Pietermaritzburg Advice Office. The files have been left as they were put together by individual members  Mary Kleinenberg, Paula Krynauw, Pat Merrett, Gail Wannenburg, Ann Strode and others.

  • PC  4/1/1  Black Sash National Office and Natal Midlands Region 
  • PC 4/1/2  Natal Midlands Region  
  • PC 4/1/3 Natal Midlands Black Sash Correspondence 1987-1990 and Regional newsletters
  • PC 4/1/4  Natal Midlands Black Sash Correspondence. March 1989 - March 1990; Sub-Committees 
  • PC 4/1/5  Natal Midlands Black Sash File 1991
  • PC 4/1/6  Natal Midlands Black Sash 1992-1993
  • PC 4/1/7  Natal Midlands Black Sash 1992 -
  • PC 4/1/8  Black Sash National Conference 1993; 1994
  • PC 4/2/1  Pietermaritzburg Advice Office (AO)
  • PC 4/2/2  Pietermaritzburg Advice Office
  • PC 4/2/3  Pietermaritzburg Advice Office
  • PC 4/2/4  Pietermaritzburg Advice Office
  • PC 4/3  Natal Midlands Black Sash 1992-94 Natal Midlands Women's Coalition
  • PC 4/4  Natal Midlands Black Sash 1992/93 Black Sash Election Monitoring Project
  • PC 4/5  Natal Midlands Black Sash 1991/94 Rape Education Action Project
  • PC 4/6  Natal Midlands Black Sash Black Sash Publications and pamphlets
  • PC 4/7  Natal Midlands Black Sash 1981-1993 Scrapbooks and Newspaper Cuttings
  • PC 4/8  Natal Midlands Black Sash  Advice Office Case Files 1986-1993
  • PC 4/9  Black Sash Journal 1956-1995
  • PC 4/10  Additional publications

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