Jill Kelly from the History Department of Southern Methodist University in Texas, USA, visited the APC once again June 2014. Jill’s first visit to the APC was in 2008 when she was researching for her PhD on the history of the violence at Table Mountain. Jill completed her PhD in 2012 and the title of her dissertation is “Only the Fourth Chief”:Conflict, land, and chiefly authority in 20th century KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, which was submitted to the Michigan State University, USA. According to Jill, she now plans to write a book on the history of violence at Table Mountain.

During her stay in South Africa, Jill undertook oral history interviews with people involved in the violence. She found them very interesting and informative. Jill was glad she could see a play on Pietermaritzburg history called Mkhonto Wabanthu, which was staged at the Winston Churchill Theatre. Jill said she thoroughly enjoyed her trip to South Africa. The APC wishes her well on her new venture.