Mandela Day 2014

This 2014 Mandela Day is unique. It is the first one since Mr Mandela passed away in December 2013. It is the first one without him, our message has to be this: Mr Mandela is gone but his legacy live on. Mr Mandela is gone, but the work he started will continue. Mandela Day is not about symbolic gestures, it is not about “one day of generosity and then back to normal routine”. Instead Mandela Day is a campaign to build a culture of service. It encourages people to make the world a better place for all. Every day should be Mandela Day.Mr Mandela followed three rules throughout his life: 1. Free yourself 2. Free others and 3. Serve every day. The path people choose to take on their journey should be inspired by the belief that we live to serve every day in everything we do. This would be a fitting tribute to Madiba.Lead by example and pay tribute to a great man.
Information was sourced from the Nelson Mandela Foundation .