A Literary Friendship: Alan Paton and Neville Nuttall

Jolyon Nuttall annotated the first part of his father’s diary, which was written over a sixty year period, from 1921 to 1982.  He extracted from the diary a record of the time that Paton and Neville Nuttall spent together as students at Natal University College in Pietermaritzburg, and as young school teachers in the years thaty followed.  They belonged to a group of young men whom Paton later called “The Boy-men”, centred around Railton “Joe” Dent, who was their role model. They were Alan Paton, Neville Nuttall, Cyril Armitage, Vic Harrison and Reg Pearse, all of whom became respected and well-known in their own spheres in later life.  The illustrations for this book were supplied from the Photograph Collection at the Alan Paton Centre.  A book launch was arranged by the APC.  It took place at the APC and in the Margaret Kirwood Room, University of Natal, on 25 October 2001.  One of the speakers was Bishop Michael Nuttall, the author’s twin brother.