Nazim Gani

(033) 260-5926

Nazim Gani has been appointed the Head and Senior Librarian at the Alan Paton Centre from1 April 2014. He was seconded to the Centre from 1 May 2012. He started his career at the Cecil Renaud Library PMB campus, and has worked there for 23 years. He completed a Bachelors Degree in Social Science with majors in History and Economics. He went on to complete a Post Graduate Diploma in Information Studies and has recently completed a Bachelor of Library and Information Science Honors degree. Gani is also attached to the Centre for African Literary Studies(CALS), situated at House 9, Milner Road, PMB main Campus.

Sherian Latif

(033) 260-6496/5926

Sherian Latif has been appointed Assistant Library Officer at the Alan Paton Centre since 1 April 2014. Sherian was appointed after Jillian Clark resigned from the Centre. She started her career at the Pietermaritzburg Campus Library, in the Acquisitions Department. Due to centralization she later moved to the E.G. Malherbe library, Howard College. Sherian is glad to back in Pietermaritzburg.