Morgainne du Plessis is currently working on her thesis for her Master’s Degree in History. She visited the Alan Paton Centre from the 7th to 10th July 2015 to do research for her thesis which is entitled “How Beloved was Alan Paton’s Beloved Country? A Historical Appraisal”. Her study aims to provide evidence that Alan Paton, even though first and foremost a fictional novelist, is also a literary activist using his novel as a ‘war of words” as a form of resistance against the apartheid regime. Supervising Morgainne’s thesis is Professor Karen Harris. Morgainne is a staff and student at the University of Pretoria in the Department of Historical and Heritage Studies.

Morgainne said that “the week spent at the Alan Paton Centre was absolutely wonderful. Both Mr. Gani and Ms. Latif were both so kind, helpful and accommodating. I truly feel incredibly privileged to have done my research in such an organised archive. The sheer work that must be put in to keep such a goldmine of primary sources in order must be a challenging and tiresome task. And for that I want to give my sincere thanks to both Mr. Gani and Ms. Latif for allowing me to work with the Alan Paton Collection. It’s doing research in places like the Alan Paton Centre that truly keeps my passion for history alive”.