Thembisa Waetjen, a historian at the University of Johannesburg, consulted the KwaZulu Legislative Assembly (KLA) Debates, housed at the APC, on Friday, 9 June. She was accompanied by Gerhard Maré, who donated the collection some years ago. Waetjen is currently writing on the political and social history of drugs and narcotic medicines regulation in South Africa, with a focus on the twentieth century.

Her main aim on this occasion was to find out what was discussed amongst members of the KLA about the criminalisation of dagga in the 1970s and 80s, and the dilemmas that it posed for KwaZulu leaders and amakhosi. Waetjen considers these transcripts (which Maré had indexed during the early 1990s, making them a searchable) to be an incredibly useful but underutilized resource for researchers, and encourages others to come and see for themselves how they help to reveal some of the important tensions and contradictions around politics, culture, traditional authority, land, education, youth, (and much else) within this crucial set of decades.